Episode 004: ANVIL- Landon Powell, Finish What You Start

This is our conversation with retired Oakland A’s catcher and current North Greenville University Head Baseball Coach, Landon Powell.

After a championship high school career, USA National Team World Championship, multiple NCAA World Series appearances, and a first round draft pick, Landon was on the fast track to an All-Star professional baseball career.  However, things don’t always go as planned.

After multiple professional setbacks including 2 ACL surgeries and a personal tragedy, Landon has found peace and focus in a life beyond baseball.  The 7 year old boy got to live out his dream of playing major league baseball, but the man before you now will tell you that none of it came easy.  However, when it comes to quitting, well, that’s just not in Landon’s vocabulary.  “When I start something, I’m going to finish it.”

Landon Powell’s story of success laced with setbacks, trials and outright heartbreak is one that we can all take and grow from.  Finding our focus and persevering no matter what struggles come our way is paramount to finding happiness in our lives.

Enjoy the show.

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